1C White sugar (I used large-crystal, organic sugar, decrease sugar if you use regular white sugar)
1/2 C packed Brown Sugar, also large crystal – use less if you use regular fine brown sugar
1 Vanilla pod, split
1C water 3 TBSP clarified butter (liquid)
1/4c whipping cream
Mix sugars and water in large, heavy bottom sauce pan, add vanilla bean and bring to a boil.
Maintain boil while occasionally swirling pot (do not mix), when the liquid is clear and coats the back of a spoon (about 5 minutes), turn off heat and allow pot to cool for about 20 minutes.
Remove vanilla pod, feel free to save it for future use (a good pod has about 3 uses in it).
Add the clarified butter and mix well.
Allow the pot to cool other 20 minutes and add cream. Mix.

If the syrup is refrigerated the clarified butter will solidify again (warm the bottle slightly and mix prior to use and you won’t notice it)

*My recipe uses a lot less sugar than most recipes, I find using a vanilla pod, and cooking the syrup with the pod added intensifies the vanilla flavour, which I love. I use brown sugar to increase the caramel flavour. And I use clarified butter vs imitation butter b/c allergies are a huge issue and I’d rather not find out if my child is going to react. I’ve never tried the official butterbeer, so I can’t say how well this compares, but I think it is pretty darn good (and I don’t drink pop at all, so that says a lot!)

To make this into butterbeer, add 2 litres of carbonated water to the syrup, serve in individual mugs/bottles and top with foam.

FOAM Recipe

2C whipping cream
1TBSP clarified butter, melted
3 TBSP fruit sugar
2tsp vanilla extract (more is okay, less is not!)

I have a whip cream dispenser, I love this thing!! I just added everything to that, mixed and dispensed. Otherwise whip everything until you have a stiff whipped cream, top each serving of butter beer with this.

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