Gardening is one of my passions! I love pushing the limits of my growing zone, growing new plants, and all the benefits of growing my own flowers and food!

I currently have 7 different roses, and hope to get more! Two plum trees, a cherry tree as well s a cherry shrub, an apple tree, two currant bushes, a gooseberry, nanking, two elderberry bushes, a couple grapes, and figs, as well as a Sea buckthorn (I need a second one of these still).

Last year I did a major garden reno, this year I hope to refine it  little, and add some perennials.

Not only do I have an outdoor garden, but I also have 3 Tower Gardens inside. I LOVE these things! In 9 months we grew enough food on our 3 towers to completely break even with the cost of purchase and maintenance!

There’s something thrilling about picking the makings of a greek salad everyday and walking no more than a couple meters to put it onto the table!