Canada 150


I grew up in the States, but I am Canadian.

I recall the first summer I lived in Florida. We went to a place called Manatee Springs for a family picnic. A bunch of other preteens were there and of course they asked where I was from, then proceeded to bash Canada. I had no choice but to defend the honour of my country.

As I grew older, I connected less and less to my country of birth. In high school I began interviews with the Army, Navy, and Air Force (though really that was mostly so I could get out of class – I’d rather take tests then sit through lessons I wasn’t interested in hahaha)! I contemplated becoming an American. But I came back to Canada for University.

Since being back in Canada I’ve grown more and more fond of my home and my country.  Yes, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done here to make it a place I want to leave for my children, but over all it’s a good place to live. It’s a place I’m happy to raise my children.

Today my children and I celebrated our country. We talked about the good things, and touched on the bad. But mostly they just ran around, ate sugar, and had fun. They’re little and have more than enough time to learn about the world. Today was a day held in time where they were children in love with life.


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