A Cinderella Activity Day


I have a confession. Cinderella is one of my favourite movies. Admittedly you may hear this confession about several other movies as well, but that’s beside the point!

I LOVE Cinderella! What’s not to love? Her life sucks. It’s sucked for a long time, but still she dreams. She dreams every night, and dreams through the day. She just keeps on going each day. Yes, she feels anger, and even if she can’t take a jab at her step sisters or step mother, she still jabs at Lucifer when possible. She never gave up on herself.

Then when the step mother and step sisters were beyond horrible to Cinderella, ripping the clothes right off her body, when Cinderella herself said she no longer believed, her Fairy Godmother appears and says (paraphrased), “Of course you do, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

Not only does she continue to believe in hope, continues to dream, but she also believes in love.

She arrives at the ball, dances all night, and allows herself to love. Certainly we can talk about what happens a few weeks down the road when Cinderella and the Prince begin to get to know each other, but we don’t need to. This story isn’t about marriage. It isn’t about self truth or even reaching your personal best. This story is about triumphing over hate. This story is about believing, even when reality says it’s impossible.

Cinderella is amazing!

I’d love to focus on themes of love and dreaming with our children, and in a couple years we will, but for now we focused on fun.

For our first activity, we pretended to be Fairy Godmothers. We created pumpkins and pumpkin coaches. Our magic may not have the finesse of the Fairy Godmother in the movie, but I think the kiddos did a fine job.

Our second and third activities go hand in hand. In the movie, Cinderella needed to finish her chores in order to go to the ball. So our kiddos got to wash the floors, then they got to stay up until midnight partying.


Their partying meant they ate cupcakes and  watched Phineas & Ferb (this is one of my favourite kids shows, I could watch it all day and still be happy)!

I do have pictures of the kiddos washing floors, but instead of showing the pictures, I think I’ll share the video with you. It’s hilarious, and since they discovered washing floors is so much fun, they now plead with me to let them wash floors daily. My children actually cry if I won’t let them wash floors!


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