Peter Pan Activities

Peter Pan offers so many opportunities for activities. There’s pirates, fairies, adventure, flying and of course storytelling. This time we focused on the elements that are important for this movie and relate to the ride.

Our first activity was learning more about Big Ben and telling time. Telling time went a IMG_5735lot better than I expected! Well for the big girls anyhow 😂 Brom may have just ran around screaming random numbers, Cordelia used the digital clock, not that I blame her, I avoid analog at all costs! hahaha Though we do have a beautiful clock that was gifted to us for our wedding, this is the one we used, and even better: It plays the Westminster Chimes!

After playing with time for a while, we decided to learn more about Big Ben. We had so much fun watching different videos about the giant bell inside the clock tower. First, I had no idea the Bell is “Big Ben” I always assumed it was the clock tower. It turns out the tower is “Elizabeth Tower”.

We also learned that the clock is kept in time with pennies! How neat is that!?! And there are four faces with 312 pieces of glass each. There are 399 stairs to get to the top of the tower, but only 334 to the belfry. hahaha

Next on our list of fun things to do was to think of wonderful thoughts. We sang “You can Fly” and then giggled about the happy thoughts we have. Everyone agreed: Going to Disney World is the happiest thought. We’ve spent a bit of time looking at old Disney trip pictures and also dreaming about the next Disney trip. Whenever that will be.

With Peter Pan as a theme, we had to have a duel: Adults vs Children. The weapon? Pool noodles!


I’m not ashamed to say, the children won. Soundly. Just look at Brom go! He disarmed me, then went in noodles flaying!

Unfortunately, Ryan was at work for this activity, so you’ll have to thank the children for their amazing camera skills!


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