Sword in the Stone Activities

At Magic Kingdom, in Disney World, if you go through (or around) Cinderella Castle, you’ll see the carousel. It’s lovely. One of my favourites. But it’s the stone in front of it that we’re interested in today. Or more importantly, the sword within that stone.

Once upon a time Agatha was a little girl that succeeded in pulling that sword from that stone. In the pictures above, you’ll notice the last picture shows the sword being pulled out of the stone – I almost cried! I’d only ever seen one other child pull that sword from the stone, and I almost missed it when Agatha did it! I was so excited! We all tried again, and again, to pull the sword from the stone,  but it didn’t do any good. For all her excitement, she didn’t really understand what it meant, or the story behind the sword in the stone.

I want to be sure that the next time we go to Disney World our children will understand where the sword comes from. I want to see them rush over to try to pull the sword from the stone. I want to see the magic on their faces.

So we watched Disney’s “Sword in the Stone” the other day. I want to share some of the activities we’ve done that go along with the movie.

First, we went for a walk through the woods. We pretended to be different animals that we saw (and some we imagined we saw hahaha). To start with, we were all dogs, then pelicans, bugs, and squirrels. While in the woods, we stopped to smell the roses, and identify other plants we found. We also explored someone’s fort in the woods.

After playing in the woods, we took some time to play Wolf Tag. It was so much fun running around pretending to be wolves and prey. The kiddos, especially Ella, kept giggling and asking if she could drop boulders on the wolf (in the movie the wolf gets stones and branches dropped on it while it chases after Merlin and Wart).

Our last activity would be tricky for most people, but you could make your own version. Ryan’s Grandma had a Sword in the Stone board game from 1967(or somewhere around there). We weren’t sure if all the pieces would be there, but we decided to try it anyhow. The game is played with a single die. When you land on a merlin space, you take a card. The cards all have little events from the movie that move you around the board (move 5 spaces, move to the first bird space etc), the first person that rolls a 4 at the sword space wins. Though we kept playing until everyone rolled a 4 because winning, or more importantly, losing, games isn’t an enjoyable experience for a couple of our smaller kiddos.



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