Wolf Tag

I created this game as part of our “Sword in the Stone” movie activities. I thought it deserved it’s own post because it was so much fun!

Game play is really simple, and it balances out so even the little players have a chance of being ‘It’ and of tagging others. This is key in our family where our oldest kiddo is now almost faster than I am!

The only equipment you need is a ‘Tail’ of sorts – we used a length of wire edged ribbon I had laying around.

  • The Wolf gets the Tail and tucks it into the back (or side) of their shorts.
  • Game play starts with the Wolf on one side of the centre line and the Prey on the other side – this is important!
  • The Wolf starts the game by running after the Prey.
  • If the Wolf tags someone, that person freezes.
  • Other Prey can unfreeze someone by tagging them again.
  • If the Wolf freezes everyone, then that Wolf wins that round, and the last person tagged is the new Wolf.
  • Game starts over with the Wolf on one side and the Prey on the other.
  • While the Wolf is trying to tag the Prey, the Prey is trying to get the wolf’s Tail.
  • If a Prey gets the Wolf’s tail then that person becomes the new Wolf and game play resets on opposite sides.

This game allows everyone to be ‘it’ at the same time, everyone is chasing someone else and helping each other. We had so much fun and even had other people want to join in!




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  1. Fox says:

    This sounds like a great twist on freeze tag. I love it!


    1. It was a lot of funny, especially for my tag lovin’ girls! We’re looking forward to trying this with a bigger group of people soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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