Thor Movie Activities

Normally we stick to movies that relate to Disney World, but our kiddos HAD to watch Thor, so we made an exception. I’m so glad we did!

First, they loved the movie. I was a little hesitant to show them super hero movies, at first. They tend to be more graphic and violent, I was worried our kiddos (ages 3.5, 6, 8.5, and 10) would be afraid or overwhelmed by the more realistic content, but over all it seemed okay. We pause movies when they get intense, we talk about themes, and we discuss their feelings while they watch. We had to pause and re-watch Thor getting run over a few times. They had to watch it over and over because they thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. I’m not sure what that says about my kiddos lol

The great thing about the activities for this movie is that they were all really quick and easy to set up and execute, but packed with fun for the kiddos, and us too!

For our first activity, we created viking helmets with supplies found around the house. They all decided on paper and tape:

After they were done making helmets, we decorate cupcakes to resemble Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir (or like they call it ‘Meow-Meow’). The kiddos wanted red frosting, but with natural food colouring it’s really difficult to get red. So just imagine the pink frosting is read 😉

I used sesame snacks for the handle (straight pretzels would also work), dipped them in chocolate, and used the melted chocolate to paint designs on marshmallows. There were a lot of smiles and tons of giggles. I’d call it a win over all!

Our last activity was the absolute winner. We used a rubber floor mallet and practiced hammer throwing, just like Thor. We started by throwing for distance, then we tried to hit the bin and get the hammer in the bin. Ella and Agatha are the only two that actually got the hammer in the bin from any real distance, Ryan threw the farthest, but Ella was pretty close – a fact she won’t let us forget hahaha

Everyone had so much fun with this movie, they all decided they’re Gods of Thunder now – so beware!

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