Spring is Sprung


I love spring! Don’t you? After a long, yucky winter I really needed the past few weeks of sunshine and warmth! Our winters here are usually pretty chilly, but they usually have blue skies, sunshine, and lots of snow. It makes it bearable. This year our winter was still fairly cold, with warm days mixed in, but there was almost no snow, and more clouds. It was one of the worst winters in years, at least as far as lack of sun goes!

So having blue skies and lots of glorious warm weather means we’ve been outside almost every waking moment!

I had several rose bushes to dig out this year because I lost them over the winter. I also lost all my herbs, and several perennials as well. Snow is so important in our gardening zone! The snow protects the plants from the cold weather. Without it, the wind and cold was just too much for so many different plants.


Since I’ve found myself in this position, I’m taking the time to double check my garden map and rethink a couple plants I’d previously chosen. I rearranged a few things and think I like my new plan even better than the old one! It’ll take a couple years to get it just how I want it, but that’s half the fun.

Spring also means lessons are winding up for the year and that means more free time. Our Disney movie’s and activities are in full swing, I just need to write up a few posts about them. They’re coming, the hard work of planning, implementing, doing, and documenting has been done. It’s just a matter of writing it up on here. Yay!


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  1. Fox says:

    Our lessons are coming to a close here as well. The kids are enjoying their extra time to play around and do things they wouldn’t normally get to do during the school day.

    Those photos of your garden are pretty fantastic. It looks like you’ve got some beautiful stuff coming up. It’s good that the poor winter is coming to some advantage though. Have fun redesigning your garden!

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    1. Thank you so much for the garden compliments! I’m really in love with mine so much! šŸ™‚ I hope you continue to have extra time to play this spring.


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