Life has Happened and We’ve Been Busy!


I know I’ve been so silent over here, and I’m sorry! We’ve hit a strange point in the year when we’re super busy, but also not really doing anything new. Winter has worn out it’s welcome (more snow flurries today), but besides a few hollyhocks and peonies peeking through the mulch, spring hasn’t really arrived yet.

I’m working on a large sculpture right now, so most of my extra attention is on wire right now – which means our movie themes are on hold. Plus we had a rash of illnesses that prevented us from even going to see Beauty and the beast yet! 😮 I know! I’m shocked and dismayed by this as well! But don’t worry, we’re going on Monday to finally see it! (I can hardly wait!)

Ryan, Ella, and Agatha have been playing a ton of minecraft on our server and having so much fun together! Brom spent some of his own money to buy his very own video game (Lego Pirates of the Caribbean) he’s currently about 60% of the way through it – he’s had it for 2 weeks. If he isn’t playing, he’s talking about playing. Blackbeard is his favourite character. When we told him (one of) his middle names was after Blackbeard he fell right over with the biggest, goofiest grin on his face. He was one happy guy! lol

Last night Ryan and I went on a date – the first childless night out in 2 or 3 years! We often enjoy bringing our kiddos out with us, but sometimes it’s just really nice to get out on our own as well. We went to see Peter and the Star Catchers at the Citadel in Edmonton. We laughed so much and had so much fun. It’s pretty wonderful hitting this phase in life where our children are able to cope with us being out and we can go out and enjoy ourselves. It’s also wonderful to hit this phase in life where most of our children are mature enough to sit happily through  stage production with us. I really miss going to the theatre.

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