Movie Night: Up

I’ve been so excited to write about this movie, it holds a very special place in my heart. ❤ I could talk about the details and nuances for hours, but tonight I’m going to talk about how much fun our family had watching this movie and the activities related to it.

We pulled out our trusty “wilderness Explorers Handbook” from Animal Kingdom and used that as a guide for some of the activities. 76CEEF3F-59F8-48CB-A799-5844B8719AF6

We started by looking at old pictures of the adventures our family’s been on together. We told stories of what we wanted to do, and we talked about the big dreams we have for our futures. My dream is to live at Golden Oak. drive a Tesla X, and have enough money for both Ryan and I to be home daily with our children while living the Golden Oak lifestyle. Our children’s dreams were pretty awesome too, but they’re not for me to share right now. IMG_4673

We had fun teaching our dogs new tricks. ‘Speak’ was not one of them (they know that already, but they don’t know quiet lol). Instead we worked on ‘crawl’ and ‘hug’. Moana was better than Chester at both new tricks. But Chester did learn ‘lay down’ followed by ‘sit’. He’s always just laid down and refused to sit, so this was a HUGE improvement!

But the most fun we had was creating string can phones and playing with sound waves! Bright and early one morning, before anyone was even dressed, Ryan and Cordelia sat down with the supplies and made some phones, then we all tested them to see how well they worked.  You’ll notice Go-Go (our black kitty) thought they worked beautifully!


Since we were playing with sound, we also made musical water glasses and had fun seeing if we could play any songs on it.  Turns out our glasses aren’t in tune 😉 but we did manage a couple off key versions of twinkle twinkle. 😀

Our last sound project was a HUGE hit! We created a colloid with cornstarch and water. Everyone had a blast playing with it. Then we covered our speaks with plastic wrap and saw what happened when you put music under the colloid. If you check out our Instagram, you’ll see a short video of one of our experiments.  You may have guessed, but the subwoofer created a better effect than the smaller front speakers. 😉 But I couldn’t get a good video of that one. I was too busy dancing with the kiddos to the fun songs! lol

I’ll probably have more activities to add to a different post later. The girls are so excited by these activities and want to keep doing more. Until next time, “Adventure is out there!” But don’t forget, adventure is right at home too!


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