Boxes Defined

A person in a specific box doesn’t look or act a specific way. But rather they have a set of characteristics that all together allow us to see what type of box they live in. Below I’ll describe the general boxes, but remember people can fall into the areas between these boxes too. So a person may have some characteristics between these boxes. But unless hitting a low point in life, a person in a Golden Box is not likely to exhibit characteristics of a person in a Black Box. And a person in a Black Box is not likely to exhibit characteristics of a Golden Box, unless they are actively changing their outlook on life. 

All people are able to be in Golden Boxes, there is no judgement against those who aren’t in Golden Boxes. But if you like the sounds of the Golden Box, it is possible to change your life to attain it!

A person in a black box can be described more by what they don’t do than by what they actually do. They do not try to learn new things, they do not try to help others, they do not believe they can change their own life, and certainly not the world. They have few friendships, of the friendships they do have, they may find themselves swinging between liking and hating their friends. The friends they have do not encourage personal growth. This person often feels they aren’t worthy, or that they are much better than others. They have strong views about certain types of people and let those views dictate how they treat people. A person in a black box often feels like life happens to them or that life is out of control. A person in a black box is often not reliable and looks for ways to get themselves ahead in most situations, even when it hurts others. A person in a black box does not try to make friends or build bridges. 

In their home, they often yell and may hit. A person in a black box may, or may not, abuse or be abused. They want everyone else to follow their rules and need their rules followed now. They are not able to listen when someone else points out an error in their thinking or judgement. 

A person in a black box likely has depression, but may not realize it for themselves.  They either don’t want anything, or feel they need so much (more friends and more money and a bigger house and a better car) in order to be happy. These people often have few hobbies. There are few connections between this person and the world around them. Which Box Do You Live In?

A person in a Beige box is harder to recognize because they are most common. These are the people we see out having a good time with friends and family. They have several friendships that offer support, but they may not have many that encourage personal growth. These are comfortable friendships. They may be rigid in some thinking, and flexible in others. They are likely to have a day or week of good moments followed by a day or week of rough moments. These moments balance for the people in beige boxes. Life is neither really great, nor really bad in any way. 

People who live in beige boxes over all have several connections between themselves and the world around them, but are likely to find their life lacking in some way. They may want more friends, or more money, what they want is dependant on the person, but the want is still there. When a person in a Beige Box makes a mistake, they will often, but not always, admit the mistake, but their apology often rings false. 

Those who are in the Golden Boxes are the ones with many connections between themselves and the rest of the world. They may not always have a lot of friends, but the friends they have encourage them to grow and be the best they can be. These people are often found seeking new opportunities, and when faced with an obstacle, search for ways to overcome them. They believe that they can make a difference and so actively life their life with consciousness. 

These are the people who can ask for help when needed, and give help, but also know when to say no. A person in a Golden Box has learned the fine art of balance and is exceptionally skilled at it most of the time. The people in Golden Boxes do not talk about others, but talk to others, especially when there’s a problem. If a person in a Golden Box makes a mistake, they own the mistake and fix the mistake. A person in a Golden Box does what they can to lift others up, but knows when to protect themselves from being pulled down. 

Black boxes represent people with few connections between themselves and others. Their definition of respect is “do as I say.” People often feel angry or sad after spending time around someone in a black box. Beige Boxes have more connections but feel their life is lacking. They can swing between lifting someone up, and tearing them down. Golden Boxes are truly happy, with many connections. Others feel happier being around them. 

I’m firmly in a Beige box, but working on opening my own windows and doors. There really is a point to all my ramblings about boxes! But it’s taken so long, I’ll add another post instead of adding it here.


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