So Busy, So Happy!

Our life has been so busy lately, but such a  good busy!

Some of you already know that I’m creating more and more wire sculptures, and selling them! It’s been pretty amazing! The desire to create with wire crept up on me last year, and then it just took over!

I’m spending all free time working with wire, though I will admit, free time is very limited in our home hahaha.

I recently launched a new website that focuses on my wire only. Feel free to check it out 🙂 at


In other news, Ella has a few wishes she’s saving up for, so she decided to launch her own candy making business. ❤ She has a few things she needs to do before she’s really up and running, but she bought everything she needs to sell her first batch of candy!

She’s making candied oranges, candied oranges dipped in dark chocolate, candied lemons and limes, orange infused candied ginger, and old fashioned hard candies to start. I have to say, the first batch of orange candies sold in seconds. To me! They were so good!!! I think I may be in trouble! 😉

We’ll keep you updated as she gets things up and running!



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