Pizza Planet Week

This week we started our movie related activities before watching the actual movie. We’ve had difficulties getting some of our children to eat vegetables lately, but I don’t want to put pressure or stress around food, especially healthy food. So this week we decided to eat pizza every night. Who doesn’t love pizza?!?! I’m sure putting something on a crust and calling it pizza will make sure my children get a few more vegetables than usual!

To go with our pizza week theme, we’re watching is Toy Story. Of course we had to! I almost want to make a Pizza Planet sign for over our table this week. Almost. hahaha

Our children love hawaiian pizza, so of course we have plenty of ham/bacon and pineapple. But we also have some other really delicious combinations. If you follow us on instagram you may have seen some of our pizzas already. My favourite was the bacon, fig, caramelized onion, and blue cheese pizza – trust me, this was Ah-mazing!!! You must try it!

All of our pizzas start with a homemade sauce full of yummy ingredients and no added sugar. We usually have salad on the side. Though sometimes we just add spinach and herbs under the sauce so the salad is part of the pizza.




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