It’s a Disney Life

To pass time while we wait for winter to be over, we’re starting our 3rd annual family Disney Movie tradition. Each year we plan a list of Disney movies to watch (yes, sometimes we add other movies as well). With each movie we add a couple activities that we do together as a family during the week. Normally we do this to prepare for a trip to Disney World. But we decided we have so much fun doing this, we might as well do it even if we don’t have a trip planned!

Given the weather over here, the first movie we decided to watch is Frozen. Hahaha It seems so fitting! We enjoyed cuddling on the couch watching the movie, singing the songs, and now we’re planning the activities to go along with the movie. Of course, we’re going to build a snowman – though at this rate we won’t use actual snow. For anyone who doesn’t know, snowmen require a specific type of snow, just wet enough to stick, but not so wet as to be too heavy. Right now our snow is rock hard on top and powder underneath. NOT snowman snow. Instead we’re making rice krispie treats and shaping them into snow people. It’ll be so much fun!

Later in the week, the weather’s supposed to warm up, we’re going to take the opportunity to go ice skating.

And, of course, we’re going to make paper fractals to decorate our house.

It’s so much fun immersing ourselves into the movies, and bringing our family closer together.

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