Hibernating in our Cocoon


It’s been so cold around here lately! Cold enough to turn boiling water into snow. Cold enough that our poor puppy, Moana, hasn’t wanted to go outside without her parka. Cold enough that all we’ve wanted to do was stay inside and never leave. We skipped violin lessons so we could stay home huddled under blankets watching movies and playing video games. We’ve watched 4 seasons of Rescue Bots on Netflix, and all Paw Patrol episodes.

We’ve cocooned ourselves in warm fuzzy blankets, hibernating until the return of the sun. Or at least until its a bit warmer than -35c! Even though I haven’t wanted to leave home, I marvel at the beauty of it all! I love to watch the snow float to the ground, I feel so happy and excited when I wake up to see our world covered in Hoar-frost. It’s utterly magical the way our entire world sparkles with millions of little crystals refracting tiny rainbows over every surface. This week is too cold for me to enjoy outside, but the beauty is beyond compare!

As soon as it warms up slightly, the girls have so many activities planned. There’s a great ice ‘river’ close to home they want to go skating on. They want to go sledding, possibly try skiing. Of course, they also love taking our pups to the off-leash park so everyone can run around like mad without crashing into anyone else. Winter is so much fun!

Winter in Canada is beautiful, but it isn’t always easy to get out with small children. But Adventure is out there, and we’ll be ready – as soon as it warms up! πŸ˜‰

Sorry for the bad pics, I may be able to send children and dogs outside, but I wasn’t venturing out in that cold! Notice Moana at the door trying to come in, while Chester (with his thick second coat) relaxing in the snow. πŸ™‚ He only comes in to get mad at us for not being outside with him hahahaha


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