Wire Bliss

It’s taken some time. Everything’s taken time lately. The kiddos all had classes, keeping us busy almost every day the week. Party prep followed by Christmas prep also kept us busy. Then there’s the time spent taking care of sick children and needy children.

Ryan and I have also been working on a business plan to open a store. That has a bit of a learning curve! It’s a big change for both of us, so there’s so much learning to do.

While we’ve been working on our business plan, we’ve also been working on our marriage. Sometimes something won’t be a problem, until it is a problem. Sometimes that can still be overlooked, but when starting a business together, we want to be sure we’re solid with excellent communication. We can’t succeed for long unless our relationship can withstand the time and energy requirements of a new business.

But the thing I’m really excited to talk about today is my latest sculpture! I didn’t make time to work on her for a while, but a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to make this time for creating a priority in my life. This is the result:

This fairy found her way into my home moments before giving birth. I caught her in this pose as she leaned over in transition. Birth is such a magical, awe inspiring moment I really hope I captured some essence of that with this sculpture.

She’s not perfectly the way I’d like her to be, but I learned a lot while making her. I’ve found a technique I really like for pulling the wires. It creates a much more polished look when it’s complete. But I didn’t finish this sculpture in it’s entirety with this technique because the amount of time and material required to complete her wouldn’t translate to sculpture value.  I’d love to hear what you think about her!


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