Is Santa Real?

Do you believe in Santa? Does Santa visit your home?

I know many people who don’t wish to lie to their children, so either don’t have Santa visit, or are very sure to express that it’s only a story or a game people play.

I believe in Santa. I believe in many things. But mostly I believe in Magic. A very special kind of magic, the kind that allows my children to believe in Santa, even though they know how Santa’s magic works.

We’ve talked of magic before.

Knowing how magic works, doesn’t stop it from being magic. Instead we talk about how knowing how the magic works gives us a greater responsibility toward others. Knowing how the magic works makes us a part of the magic.

That idea is integral to our Santa conversation.

Ella and Agatha both told us their friends had told them Santa was just their parents, both girls looked at us in a questioning way when they said there had to be more to Santa than just parents.

We talked about NORAD, Google, the malls, movies, and random people on the street. We talked about how all of these people and organizations fully participated in the Magic of Santa. We then asked, even if your parents are the ones leaving presents under the tree, is it ‘just’ your parents who’re the magic of Santa?

Their response was very firm: “NO!”


It was neat to listen to them as they worked through their questions. They told us what their friends said. They never once asked us whether we were Santa. They never asked us to explain the magic. Instead we explored the idea of Santa, and we talked about how some people believe that understanding the magic means it’s no longer magic.

As we sat around our table, with our two advent candles lit, our conversation went deeper. Creating this magic for people brings magic, kindness, love, and especially, hope  into the lives and homes of people who might not have it otherwise. In sharing this tradition with others, we help ourselves feel more full and fulfilled.

Does Santa come into your home? Have you talked to your children about Santa? What did you say, what did they say? I’d love to hear how others navigate the season!


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