It’s a Colourful World


A couple times a year I order a giant amount of craft supplies from Crayola. We usually get economy sized paint, plus a few items we normally wouldn’t buy.

Today our order arrived and we have had so much fun playing with all the new colours!

Ella was super excited to get ‘grown-up’ pencil crayons, including watercolour crayons and metallic pencil crayons, as well as a beautiful colouring book.

Agatha received a smaller package of grown-up pencil crayons and the two girls received an animation studio to share (but really Agatha will use it more).

Brom and Cordelia received a paint maker kit that’s tons of fun, and includes a good upper body workout for free! Cordelia also received a large pack of pencil crayons to share with Agatha. And Brom received a Millennium Falcon filled with a bunch of different craft supplies. He was angry the pencil sharpener wasn’t a magnet and refused to use anything in the set hahaha. Though he did love the paint. 🙂

The Paint Maker kit was the biggest success. Everyone had to have a turn shaking the paint and making new colours. Though Brom and Cordelia and very firm, they’re the only ones who get to choose what colour to make! 😉 It comes with little paint ‘chips’ of dye that is added to the white paint base. Then you turn a hand crank and shake the paint to mix it.

We determined it’s best if you add a bit of base, then the colour, then a bit more base. Let it sit for about 30 minutes, then begin shaking it. The first few we tried didn’t mix very well until we let them sit while we ate dinner. After dinner they mixed beautifully.


Cordelia can hardly wait to paint something with her new personally made paints.

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