The Reason My Daughter is Afraid of Milk


We’ve been reading the most amazing series together as a family, “The Incorrigible Children” by Maryrose Wood. If you haven’t picked up these books before, please do! They’re so much fun to read, and very educational!

Just last night we discovered you can use milk to write secret messages to each other! Of course today we had to try it for our selves.


We tried a few other ways of writing a secret message, including lemon juice, white crayon (on white paper), and baking soda paste. The white crayon was easy to use and easy to reveal. But was also the least secret, followed closely by the baking soda paste. Both methods used water colour paints to reveal the secret.

Both milk and lemon juice required fire.

Sounded easy enough when we read it in the book. Gently heat the secret message over a small flame and watch the message appear.








We discovered milk catches fire faster than lemon juice. Agatha decided milk is much too dangerous to drink anymore. “Who knows when it might go up in flames!” (She said in all seriousness).








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