You don’t Know What You’ve Been Missing

Oh Boy! I didn’t realize what I’d been missing! And my children had no idea because 2 of the 4 had never had it, and the other two were too young to remember the last time they had popcorn.

For a few months now Ella had been reacting to something, but we had no idea what. We guessed she was eating something while out with friends and reacting to that. The most obvious culprit (we thought) was corn. So, knowing full well we could come to regret the decision, we decided to do a  test of corn (after removing other possible culprits like dairy) to see how she reacted. Of course it’s difficult to eat something in front of a three year old and not have him eat it too. So the whole family began eating corn regularly! 😮

Part of me is still really nervous about it, I feel guilty every time I willingly, knowingly, give my family something with corn of any type in it. But another part of me is jumping for joy that I can eat popcorn again! I used to live of the stuff once upon a time, but it’s been years since I finally gave away our hotter popcorn popper, and many more years since I used it last.

We’ve determined none of our children react to corn anymore. At least not obviously (this part scares me a little, but for now we’re taking it one step at a time).

So what does Ella react to? Xanthan gum. When she was eating out with friends, the buns she ate had xanthan gum in them. Salad dressings at restaurants had it. She reacted.

We’re not willing to do a full test to see how any of the kiddos handle xanthan gum, for now we’re continuing as if Cordelia and Brom still can’t eat it, and now Ella as well. But that’s okay because I’m eating skittles and popcorn with my children. Life is good!


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