Different Sides to the Same Coin

We homeschool our children, we try to unschool them. I say ‘try’ because sometimes I get a little nervous and pushy. But, over all we follow our children’s lead. Sometimes that means workbooks and learning apps, sometimes that means hours on pinterest or reading books. Over the past few days it was so much time spent playing Disney TsumTsums. I’m not sure what they were learning, but they had fun. (Often we don’t know what our children learn until well after the fact. That’s okay).

Last week we received a phone call from the Minister of Education’s office letting us know the school board our children register with has been discredited and defunded. In other words, our children were no longer ‘in school’. We needed to find a new board, reregister, resubmit our education plan, and possibly change our plan.

It was weird and very disconcerting.

The worst part has been reading the views of other homeschoolers directly affected by this event. So many of them view the government as attacking us homeschoolers, trying to take away our right to school our children. So many homeschoolers believe there’s a massive conspiracy that’ll start here and end with all our children enrolled in public school.

There’s a huge report that goes over all the concerns the government had with the board, but this letter sums it up fairly well.

From the government’s perspective, they stepped in to be sure all the students received their funding, and to protect our ability to homeschool. The minister said this decision shouldn’t have effected us too greatly, after all, we school at home, so it’s not like we’d need to stop. 😮

I’m unhappy with timing, I’m unhappy with how this happened, but if even a portion of the accusations are true, then it seems that closure was the only action available.

So now I research new school boards, and I carry on schooling my children as I did last week. Because really, nothing has changed that much.

Though now I read the words of people who claim to follow the lord. I read words of anger and hate. I see memes of our premier being compared to Delores Umbridge. I see people sharing things their (young) children have said about what’s happened, and I know their children have heard words of anger, fear, and hate on this subject, possibly many subjects.

The school board has asked parents to remain registered with them, to wait, to stand with them. They say they’ll fight (and win) against the government. They say many things. But mostly I see so much hate and anger from the other families.

Our family may or may not have stood with Wisdom, but now we know these are definitely not our people. I do not want to hear these words of hate and anger and risk internalizing them. We search for a new board, with greater diversity. We’d rather have fewer freedoms in our homeschooling than to stand with people who will not listening, who spread so much hate.

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