Why Did the Oncologist Page Me?

First Posted to Facebook Feb 2014

Last week, February 5th, was the feast of St. Agatha, the patron Saint of breast cancer patients. Last week, I also had some medical imaging done to see how the chemo’s working. This week, I went to get my results. I was also getting my blood work done – if you’ll recall this is a full week earlier than normal, and the Dr was certain my white count levels would be low and likely push the next round of chemo back. So today’s appointment was really important for several reasons. Pushing chemo back, would push the surgery back, which would not be good.

There I was, just minding my own business at the Cross Cancer Institute, I’d just had my blood work done, and I had 30 minutes until my appointment time when I was paged over the intercom.

Ryan and I were a little confused, but we went to the desk the message said to go to. The receptionist asked us to just wait a minute – the Dr. had ran out quickly to try to find us (?)

It was important he found us as quickly as possible. We were really confused at that point, but shrugged and waited. Maybe my white count was so low he didn’t even want me in the building? Maybe the imaging showed something worrisome? A million thoughts ran through my mind. We waited.

When the doctor entered the room, he was extremely cheerful and surprised.

As far as the imaging is concerned, there is no cancer. Neither the ultrasound, nor the mammogram could find any indication that I’d ever had cancer.

And he was shocked. Not only were my white blood count levels normal, they were as good as my pre-chemo, pre-cancer blood work. A full week earlier than my normal blood draw. Chemo goes ahead as planned next week because as far as they’re concerned I’m super healthy!

Let’s recap – Normally the dose for chemo is a certain amount per body weight. But b/c of concerns with my liver and white blood count, I’ve been at 80-90% instead of 100% of the dose.

I was supposed to have 8 rounds of chemo, instead I’ve had (less than) 5 and am cancer free. I will do the 6th round of chemo next week, but even the oncologist agrees that there’s no need at all for the other 2 rounds.

So I’ve had a lot less chemo than others, and the cancer is gone earlier. I’d call this a win. I am so thankful for all the prayers, love, and light our family’s received during this journey. I am confident with your continued support the surgery and recovery will be just as easy!

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