This is Halloween


Halloween’s one of those holidays that I love so much! It’s so much fun to make the costumes and see a little deeper into our children’s personalities as they decide who they’re going to be each year.

But as much as I love Halloween, I find it always sneaks up on me. We end up with a lonely scarecrow and a couple pumpkins – which may not be carved – for decorations.

This year Ella looked at me with her big brown eyes all sad. And pleaded with me to decorate properly this year. I was a little panicked, but we came up with a couple ideas, and she loved it!

By the time we carved the pumpkins they were getting a little soft, but the kiddos still had fun!

Of course, the highlight of the holiday is trick or treating. And they had so much fun! Ryan had to work, so their Aunty and cousins came over to take them out while I stayed home to hand out candy. I really feel horrible leaving a dish on the step and not being there to hand the goodies out in person. But this year we had so few children, I kind of wish I’d gone trick or treating too!

Oh well. I did get lots of time to work with Chester and Moana on proper door etiquette. They were getting really good after the 20th monster came to the door! Lol


What’s your favourite part of Halloween?


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