2 Weeks Post-Op

Originally Posted to Facebook March 2015

Everyone warned me it’d take 6-8 weeks minimum to heal after surgery. Most warned me that 6 months was more reasonable, before that I shouldn’t expect too much of myself.

I told them I had 2 weeks to recover, and that was it.

They shook their heads and told me I wasn’t allowed to lift more than 10lbs for 6 weeks.

So here I am at 2 weeks post surgery. I am not fully healed. I am not fully recovered. I’m not sure when I will be.

But I can lift my arms over my head, I can put on and take off normal shirts, I can reach dishes on the second shelf in our upper cupboards, I can touch my toes (you’d be surprised how much shoulder and chest stretching happens when you do that!!), I can adjust the angle of the van’s TV while driving (reaching above and behind me without turning my torso), and I can pick up my baby on my own. In other words, I can do most of what I need to.

So what can’t I do? Well, I can’t do jumping jacks. Raising my arms away from my sides is uncomfortable, I cannot lift both above my head at the same time (weird). I cannot lift and hold Brom for an extended time, unless his head is on my shoulder.

I’ve realized most of my limitations are not actually related to discomfort or pain, but a different sensation than I’m used to. I’m numb. I can feel pressure, but I cannot actually feel the touch. When I attempt to do something that I should feel, but don’t, my body wants to flinch, to stop automatically. It takes a lot of effort to convince myself that not feeling something is okay and pushing past non-existent feeling is also okay.

I am not fully recovered, and after a busy week, I would love nothing more than to not have to do anything at all for the next week or so (not gonna happen, unchangeable plans everyday for at least a week). But Ryan’s back to work Wednesday morning, and I will be okay.

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