Science! Or maybe it’s Art?


Nevermind. I think it’s just a mess. Oh wait! That’s how both science and art happen. By taking what you’ve got, combing them, trying different things, seeing what happens.

If you use that definition, Cordelia is an expert at both science, and art.

Almost every day we hear her plead with us, “Please, Mommy, can I have more chemicals?” Followed by a very fast description of what she wants to do, so we get the right chemicals for her. Usually that’s some combination of baking soda and vinegar.

The girls really enjoy watching “Project Mc2” on Netflix, one of the most recent episodes they watched, the characters demonstrated homemade SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESmake-up, including lipstick and nail polish. The show didn’t tell our children how to make their own nail polish, but it did tell them how to make their own lipstick.

This is the results. Colours as bright and bold as the crayons they had laying around the house.

A big part of me was concerned by the idea, but another part of me thought of all the crayons they could have eaten as babies, but didn’t. I think they’ll be okay.

We looked up ideas on how to make your own nail polish at home, with supplies we had. We settled on using glue, water, and colour. Each time the ‘polish’ came out too runny, but the girls had lots of fun experimenting.


When they were done, Cordelia entered full blown mad scientist mode. As you can see from the pictures at the op of the page, it was very involved, and very messy!


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