Breast Cancer Awareness

Two years ago, on facebook, I shared some information about breast cancer and how it impacts people daily. I shared my story. I don’t agree with the pink ribbon campaigns, and I feel it’s important to change the conversation we have about breast cancer.

I’ll post my notes here for the rest of the month (don’t worry, I’ll also get back into my regular posts about bringing the magic of Disney into our day-to-day lives!)

This first note was posted before I knew I had cancer, but after I highly suspected I did.

     Breast Cancer

When hearing the word “cancer”, specifically breast cancer, my thoughts turn to sorrow. No matter the course the disease takes, there will be emotional and physical turmoil. I think of the medical processes that will surely happen. Surgery, chemo, radiation, post cancer drugs, physical therapy, possibly occupational therapy. I think of the time involved in order to fight the disease, in order to heal, in order to live, to thrive. During that time, the rest of your life is virtually on hold.

Others who’ve been there have touched on this already. It feels like you lose control of your life, someone else is in control.

A million and one thoughts, touching on everything and nothing. Trying to fit a whole second lifetime of appointments into your already busy life.


Loss of control.

What will happen? When will it happen? Freight train, freight train, going so fast…

A million and one thoughts, settling on each and every person you know who’s fought this disease. Thinking about what path they took, how they coped, how, if, they survived.

A million and one thoughts. A million and one tears.

Figuring the odds. Staging, grading, asking, pleading. Life hits warp speed and you hear Han Solo say, “Never tell me the odds!”

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