Giving and Receiving

“It is better to give, than to receive.” An old adage designed to encourage others to donate. But I wonder if it does more harm than good.

“It is better…” think about it for a moment. If it is better to give, then the person giving is better than the person receiving.

I know many of you will protest and say you’d never judge someone for needing help. But it happens, and more importantly, the person receiving often judges themselves! I see it all the time. A person with a lot on their plate, but they don’t ask for help, when help is offered, they say ‘no thank you.’ Even though there’s usually someone with no judgement willing and able to help. They don’t ask for help until life becomes so dire, they decide they can’t sink any lower. They finally accept help, often as they crash, give up, and decide they’ll just stay down.

It is better to give, than to receive. If we receive help, we are less than the person giving. That’s a harsh judgement to place on anyone, let alone yourself!

Life is hard enough without adding judgement to the shoulders of those carrying more than you. Be willing to step in, step up, to carry someone else’s load, and allow someone else to carry yours. Give without expecting to receive, but be willing to receive.

Do not judge yourself for allowing yourself to accept help and love, do not judge others when they accept their limitations. Think of how many people will not hit bottom if we all accept that we need each other we need to give then receive in order for our world community to grow in love and connection. None of us can do this alone.

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