… The kids will play!

Saturday came again and with it another trip south for Sarah and another day for Daddy to run the house solo. With ballet rescheduled that meant no plans and we were free to choose our own destiny.

My day started at 3 am when Brom needed to go potty but wanted Sarah to help him, not me. She needed to sleep for the drive and Brom had a bit of a melt down. I managed to calm him down by builing Duplo giants in the dark. Just after 4 Brom and I headed back to bed. Thankfully, Sarah slept and was even kind enough to run the dogs in the morning, usually my job, so they could let Brom and I sleep in a bit. We stumbled up out of bed tired but happy with jut enough time to kiss Sarah goodbye.

We gobble down some breakfast while listending to the Guardian’s of the Galaxy soundtrack and made ready to go out as it just so happened that the new sports field minutes from our house was having a big grand opening celebration with all sorts of activities and we wanted to check it out!
Right off the bat we hit the jackpot by finding a stash of gluten free cookies (and free coffee) at the coffee station. We indulged in facepaint and seaching for dinosaur eggs (mini soccer balls) hidden throughout the venue. The only problem with that type of scavenger hunt is that when we put our stuff down to play some parachute games our one of our soccer balls went missing.

14374792_10157401479510612_1574957623_oWe headed down to a booth run by the family wellness group, the kids played ring toss, bean bag toss, potato sack races and played with a parachute! So much fun. At this point the sun came out and they all got hot. Ella decided she was going home to change and I sent home all out goodies with her so nothing else could go missing.
When Ella came back we headed up to the bouncy castle where we ran into my brother and my two nieces, so of course they all jumped in the bouncy castle while I grabbed another coffee. Did I mention I was tired? After they bounced through the line three or four times we wanted to see what else was down on the field.

We found the Sportsball group and bubble soccer, Ella ran off to grab a bubble and join in while Brom made fast friends with “Coach Chris” and proceeded to run non stop for the next hour playing a ton of fun, little kid oriented games.

We closed down the grand opening, over three hours of running and playing made for some tired kiddos. He headed home singing and laughing. I warmed up left overs and we turned on Guardians of the Galaxy for some nice down time. When the movie was over we grabbed out shoes and ran over to the playground for swings, climbing and ball tag. Another hour of good times.

We finished the day off with hamburgers and hugging Mommy when she got home, all in all a very #unfogettable day!

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