While Mommy’s Away

Last Saturday Sarah spent the day at a gala rehearsal, in a town 3 hours south of us. I stayed home with the kids and took over. Emotions were flying high for all of us. I was worrid because the new tires for the van hadn’t come in at the shop to be installed and the current tires were on their last legs. We were all worried about Brom, he’s very attached right now and there was a high possibility of melt down at any moment. Ella had her first ballet class and was nevous and excited. Agatha was dreading the bike ride from our house to ballet, the previous trip had not gone well, ending with a crash into some walking path barricades. Cordelia is just perpetually exhausted right now and her moods are very unpredictable.

Sarah got up struggled to get ready and left late. I managed to feed the kids and Brom only cried for a couple minutes until his woderful sisters sat down and played one of his games with him. The rest of the morning actually went very smooth, I managed to get a hot coffee and no one yelled! Until we started loading up the bikes. The trailer that Cordelia and Brom ride in had flat tires. The battery pump hadn’t been charged, my good pump has a bad O-ring and doesn’t work and I could find ANY of the spares. Eventually, after some cursing and throwing things a pump was found, the tires pumped and we were off.

The bike ride should only take about 45 minutes, the last time we rode it took an hour and a half. Agatha is still new to riding her bike and more so to riding a bike with gears, a necessity with some of the hills we have to climb. We made good time for the first bit, until I ripped my brand new pants on the gear derailer of my bike. Great. I stopped and tucked my pant leg into my sock and we carried on. Agatha managed to keep up and Ella’s only complaint was that I stopped for water too often.

Finally we arrive at our destination and it only took 40 minutes, we’re half an hour early! After locking up the bike we turn to enter the building and all the doors are locked. What the hell. A wedding reception had rented the building and we were forced to go in some side door and walk along all the back corridors behind the performance stage to the class room. Eventually class starts, Ella goes in and I take the other kids to the playground. Really everything is going really well still, except I haven’t heard from Sarah yet and she should have been at her destination by now. I know she was late and I assume she hasn’t had time to text as the schedule was pretty busy.

When we get back to the class and it’s time for the little show to end the day I notice Ella has a bit of a scowl and I’m not sure why. Then I look. All the other kids are half her size. She’s a 9 year old in a sea of 5 year olds. Oh no. She follows along with the instructor perfectly while the little kids struggle the song ends the grab their stuff and go. While Ella is out of the room I asked the teacher how she did with all the little kids in class and her being the only big kid. She tells me everything was fine and if Ella needs more challenge she can help by giving her more advanced things to do in class.Okay that sounds good to me. I ask Ella about class and she says it was good and leaves it there.

We run a quick errand down at the library and get on our bikes to head home. Going home is so much easier as it’s almost all downhill. When we get home Ella is visibly angry and not talking, she disappears and I set the kids up with some shows and games while I get food ready. I finally get a text from Sarah, something about tire trouble and she was late but was leaving to come home now. Now I’m wondering what kind of trouble she had.

This was 4 o’clock, the rest of the evening became a blur. At some point video games were replaced by Lord of the Rings, Sarah came home and told me about her trip. I’m pretty sure we ate something and the kids went to bed with a melt down fueled buy four hours of unparented electronics.

But we survived. Ella has left that particular class and we found a new dance studio she really likes. We all recovered from day, we’ve all de-stressed and stepped back.

Tomorrow I get to do it again. This time we’re ready for it!

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  1. Lesley Latimer says:

    I’m tired just reading about your day! Why didn’t you take both dogs on your bike ride? LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha I can just see how that’d end up!!!


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