We’ve been busy

What a month August has been. It’s almost over and I feel like I barely noticed. The nights are darker and the days have been getting colder, though I hope the latter is just a string of bad weather and that September is nice and sunny.

I had the good fortune to take most of the month off from work and with that nice break we’ve been very busy! Not as busy as we planned but busy nontheless.

First off we sold our second vehicle. We are now a one vehicle family, which is a big change. We’ve been biking more and more, Sarah’s been scouring bus routes to figure out how to get to the kids classes when I’m working. Our municipality has  very limited busing and that can be hugely inconvenient. With the biking we are all feeling healthier, Ella and Agatha can ride more than half way across town now and I definitely feel the workout hauling Cordelia, Brom and all our packed gear behind me in our Chariot.

The vehicle we’ve kept has issues with the A/C so I had to take it into the dealership twice to get that fixed, now I have to get a full set of new tires as well. Unfortunately, that means we have to postpone our trip to Drumheller to visit the Tyrell museum until after they’re replaced, which will hopefully be next week.

I wrote my 2nd of 4 Power Engineering 3rd class exams. I was pretty stressed going in as I did not feel prepared. But I passed! All is good. Time to book the next one and get studying, again.

13937775_10154220233496013_948117389128556722_oWe’ve celebrated so many birthdays and ate so much cake, Agatha turned 8 at the beginning of the month and had a super cool mystery / spy themed birthday party. I had a blast recording special messages as the computerized spy master. I finally got a chance to use a program called Audacity that I’ve had for ages as part of my video editting programs. Playing with all the fun effects made for a good time.
We also celebrated my mom and nephew’s birthdays with a hot dog roast out at my parents acreage, my Aunties and Uncle were in town and it was fantastic catching up with them.

Lastly, Brom turned 3! He got a party on his actual birthday with some family friends and again today with my family. He was just blown away by the fact that the presents on the counter were for him and not someone else!

I didn’t get started on renovating Ella’s bedroom, but I did rearrange our family bedroom so that I could bring down a bed and trundle so that Agatha and Cordelia could have their own beds now. Agatha has been using a matress on the floor forever and I didn’t think anything of it until she asked when she could have a real bed. So the real bed upstairs that was already hers moved down. So now there is only Sarah, Brom and myself in our bed (most nights), only one more to go! Though I did spend last night in Cordelia’s bed cudding my little girl. I tend to travel from bed to bed as the girls still want cuddles.

We got a puppy! That means I don’t get to sleep as much and I’m busy during the day IMG_0406training and ensuring she doesn’t eliminate in the house. Moana (Mo-Anna, after the new Disney princess) is a 3 month old black lab cross. Crossed with what? We don’t know. She had white toes and a white spot on her chest. We’re thinking some sort of small shepherd. She’s high energy and likes to chew and play, our older dog Chester loves to tug-of-war with her. She also like to wake up way before everyone else and won’t go back in the crate even after a potty break, which means I’m pretty tired right now. She’s doing much better with the crate since we got her and I’m sure that means she’ll be better at going back in in the mornings so we can sleep again.

So that’s what we’ve been up to, how about you? How’s your summer been?

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