Agatha’s post about her day


Today at the pool, there was an obstacle course. The first time I didn’t do good, but the second time I went with a lifejacket.


It was so much fun! If you ever do it, I bet you’d have fun too! But just to warn you, a heads up, it’s wobbly! Me and Ella tried to knock each other off. I think it was fun, once or twice I just about fell off, Ella did fall off once. And the water was freezing! So when we went down the slide, we froze!

And guess, what? I swam good for my first time! I can do it underwater. But today I even did it kicking and putting my arms up (crawling). I usually push with my arms (breast stroke). When Daddy went in, he froze! I bet mommy thought it was really really cold. Because she’s always cold.

Then we went skating, and then we really froze. We rode our bikes, we didn’t drive, so we didn’t have as much space to bring supplies with us. So we didn’t have our warm clothes with us, only shorts and t-shirts. I skated without a balance support for the first time!

Then on the bike ride home, it was hard because there were lots of hills going up hill. But the ride didn’t take long.




*We didn’t bring our camera to the pool, so I didn’t get a picture of the obstacle course

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