Bored? Games!

We love our board games and when it gets rainy or the snow piles up we clear off the table and set in for a day of gaming.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of games we like to play as a family:

Froggie Boogie – A fun little game of matching and memory. The baby frogs are hopping around the lily pads and hoping not to get caught. The kids roll multi-coloured dice and match it to one of the Momma frogs, lift up one of the eyes and if it has a frog on the bottom they got caught and stay where they are. No frog and they move ahead one lily pad. First one all the way around wins! This is a fantastic game for the little ones, bright colours and no reading or counting.
Water Works – The leaky pipe game! You lay out cards building a pipe system while fixing leaks and causing them for your opponent! Again a nice simple one, few rules and no counting or reading required!

The aMAZEing Labyrinth – I played this game every chance I got when I was little and it was one of the first board games I picked up to play with my kids! Each player has a pile of treasures to recover and has to navigate an every shifting board, there is strategy how you shift the board to help yourself while hindering your opponent. Once again nice colourful cards and board, no reading and tonnes of fun

Ticket to Ride – Build a train by drawing cards and attempting to reach your secret destinations for extra points! This one requires a little reading and a lot of subltety, Sarah and I tend to sit out and help the children manage their cards and guide them to their destinations. Lots of fun bright train pieces, a manageble amount of rules and some reading required.

mrjack Mr. Jack Pocket edition – The devious Mr. Jack attempts to outsmart Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and their faithful pooch Toby. In a race to either gain magnifying glasses or find the killer by positioning the detectives around the board this little game draws a lot of giggles especially when Detective Daddy can’t figure out who Mr. Jack really is! Some rule to read before hand but after that no reading or counting required.

Zooloretto – Build a zoo and collect animals! Score points for diversity and full pens while not having extra animals in your barn. Each round starts with putting tiles in three trucks, usually until the trucks are full, then selecting which truck you want to take and then placing the animals or food carts in your zoo. The strategy comes down to which truck you add your tile to. Do you stack a truck obviously in your favour and risk someone else taking it? Do you spread potential good tile in each truck so at least you’ll have something? Or do you play like Ella and do your best to make every truck work sgainst Daddy’s zoo? The denial game is strong with that one! A fairly hefty amount of rules and scoring can be tricky, but again no reading during the game and adults can always help tally scores at the end. Though we mostly just compliment each other on our awesome zoos and rack the tiles for another go!

clue-board-gameCLUE – The old murder mystery game, gain information by asking questions and getting answers from your opponents until you can make the final accusation! The new CLUE has changed since I was a kid, the characters are a little more modern. Mrs.White is no longer the maid but a lawyer and Mustard is now a MMA champion. That aside the game plays exactly as it always has. Reading is essential as the note pads for clues have all the characters, weapons and locations written on them.

tokaido.jpgTokaido – One of the newest additions to ouir board game shelf. This game follows a cast of characters that travel across Japan making stops at different locations and inns along the way. Points are scored by purchasing momentos, leaving offerings at temples, making paintings, encountering stranges, and eating a varied diet when staying at the inn. Again the rule book has a lot in it and some cards to have words to read on them, but being a game where all information is open it allows us a parents to help the kids read and enjoy the game without anyone getting an unfair advantage. There are many different characters to play as and they all affect your journey via special rules so the replay value is huge. A great great game.

This is just a sample of what we’re playing right now. Tell me what board games you enjoy playing with your family! We love to try new games all the time and we’d welcome suggestions for filling out our game shelf!

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