Mystery Birthday Party


We’ve been loving reading the Agatha Girl of Mystery books, so when we asked Agatha what kind of party she wanted, there was no question. She wanted a mystery party!

Agatha 8th Birthday

The invitation was the cover of one of the books, with a few additions of my own. Agatha LOVED it!

I have to admit, I had no idea how I was going to pull of a mystery party at first, but after spending a ton of time on pinterest, I had a plan!

The guests ranged in age from 1 up to 11, plus the adults. So I wanted to make sure everyone would be able to join in the games without them being to ‘young’ for the bigger kids.

We decided our party would be a secret detective academy. All the activities and games revolved around training them to be super secret detectives.

When the party guests arrived, they were greeted by this video:

I ushered them into the office where they made ID badges (they drew a picture of themselves, created an alias, and listed their detective strengths). When they were done creating their secret identity, then moved tot he next station where they obtained their weapons. They created marshmallow poppers with disposable party cups, balloons, and masking tape.

Then they took a break to have a snack, and shoot marshmallows all over the place. (This may have been the worst party to clean up after, just fair warning!)

Next it was time to hone the new recruits observational skills. They played ‘Disney’s Eye Found It’, a game that requires them to work together, and even Brom could join in without feeling left behind. We also had ‘Operation’ to hone their dexterity, which is vital to picking up the smallest clues forma crime scene. And, of course, we had the game of ‘Clue’ though no one bothered playing that game because there was too much going on at the party.

While the children were all running around shooting each other with marshmallows and hopping between games, the TV suddenly turned on and this message appeared:


The front door slammed, when Ryan went to look there was a message at the front door alerting us that Mr. X had stolen the goodie bags!

They hunted around and found a clue that led them to the basement, then to the garage, then into the living room where they found the goodie bags hidden in a cupboard. They had so much fun!

Unfortunately, Agatha expected to receive a second mission. We only had one mission available 😦 so we served them cake and had her open presents lol She felt better.

Each goodie bag contained a magnifying glass, a fake moustache, a pair of sunglasses, a pad of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. Everything a detective needs to begin solving crime!

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