The Princess and the Broken Heart.

Our wonderful adventure with our new friends Sir Homer D’Omer, Smaul the Troll, Dragon, Mrs. Beth MacBeth, and Eager the Ogre  has now come to an end.

Agatha recieved one last package in the mail. This one did not contain a letter or riddles, only a book.

The Princess (the Knight, the Troll, the Librarian, the Dragon, the Unsuspecting Hero) and the Broken Heart. – Revised by Smaul the Troll.

It begins with a fairy tale in which a Queen makes a deal with a Witch causing a Princess to fall asleep until two parts of a Golden Heart are put back together. A knight and a Dragon become friends and wake the princess.

If you’ve been following our story you’ll realize it’s close but not quite our story.
Smaul goes on to tell the real story of how Princess Marjorie fell asleep and how the Queen felt bad for what she had done, but could not undo. The tale of Sir Homer and Smaul and Dragon and The Unsuspecting hero unfolds and brings us to where we are now, Princess Marjorie has woken up!

A small envelope pasted in the middle of the book contains a Thank you from our friends in the Never Changing Forest. A shiny necklace that Agatha wears every day.


The poor Princess endures some serious culture shock as Sir Homer introduces her to electronics, plastic, cars, and smart phones. Princess Marjorie seems to do well until she walks through the Never Changing Forest and discovers the animals are gone, pollution is rampant, and a factory is across the lake.

She goes into a depression leaving her bedridden until her friends bring her magazines and scientific journals and teach her about all the medical advances that could have saved so many people seven hundred years ago, about sustainable farming and fuels, and about organizations dedicated to saving the world.

This leads to the last letter, tucked in an envelope in the back of the book, Noble Mission Number Two, Love.
Agatha’s new mission, one she heartily agreed to take on, is to care for her friends, family, and the Planet Earth.

It’s been a fantastic and #unforgettable journey! I wonder what other mysteries could be in the future?

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  1. Courtney says:

    This is awesome! How do I order these for my daughter ?


    1. Sarah says:

      Sorry, I don’t check here very often. The company we used is mail order mystery


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