Spreading Abundance Around

When we travel to Walt Disney World Resort, we love to stay on property, we purchase the dining plan, usually deluxe, and let Disney take care of everything. Our vacation is so relaxed, full of joy, and magic. But one of the things we love best is spreading a little pixie dust on others.

We usually use extra meal and/or snack credits to treat other people. There’s something so wonderful about stepping in just before someone hands over cash and offering to pay for them, and seeing the smile spread over their face as they say, “Really?”

Our goal for our family is to bring that Disney magic into our home. We want to be able to spread that kind of happiness to others. But at Disney those credits are pre-paid and really we don’t notice not having them for ourselves because Disney feeds us so well to begin with. But if we were to offer to pay for that many meals or snacks at home, it’d cost us a large amount of money.

Using some ideas from Riley Dayne, we decided to spread some happiness without spending a thing. Tonight we printed off some fliers, that Riley provided to us, offering positivity to others.


We then went around our neighbourhood and placed them on seven different mailboxes. ready for someone to take what they need. The girls are so excited to walk round tomorrow and see if anyone took any strips for themselves. They love the idea of brightening someone’s day with such a simple act.

If you see a flier, take what you need, and when you’re able, spread a little happiness to the next person.

If you have other ideas for spreading positivity to others without spending a dime, I’d love to hear them!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. anna says:

    Great job. Love this.


    1. Thank you! We had so much fun, and the kiddos are so excited to see if any of the abundance tabs have been taken yet.


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