A Letter from Dragon!

Our daughter Agatha has been recieving all sorts of mysterious letters:

  • A Knight named Sir Homer D’omer tasked her with helping him wake the sleeping princess Marjorie
  • A Troll named Smaul, he lives under the bridge of Princess Marjorie’s castle and also want her woken so people will continue to cross the bridge and answer his riddles
  • Eager the Ogre, a friend at the Department of Outlandish Affairs in the International Headquarters of Information. Eager has been sending the letters from both Smaul and Homer D’Omer and was the one who chose Agatha as worthy and up to the task of waking the princess.

She’s aquired necklaces with cryptic messages, answered riddles, and translated secret messages using ciphers. What and amazing time it’s been.

The latest letter came with a little black envelope with a curious seal.
However, that wasSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES not the most exciting part. The letter itself came from Dragon! Dragon was a childhood friend of Princess Marjorie over 700 years ago and tells a tale of woe relating Dragon’s descent into solitude.
Dragon send Agatha this letter because a skinny Knight, our old friend Sir Homer, found Dragon and told them about the story of the Golden heart and how if the heart becomes whole then the Princess will wake. We lo and behold Dragon has the final piece and sends it to Agatha in the hopes it will wake the sleeping Princess.

Agatha nearly exploded with joy as she assembled the golden heart. “Do you think she’s awake now? I’m going to leave it together in a safe place until I know for sure!”

The final translation: The Answer, Always, Love.


Dragon also sends us one last riddle, another cipher, solvable by what the Department of Top Secret Information calls a Polybius Square.

Here is the riddle, can you solve it?

45-23-15 43-24-13-23 53-11-34-45 24-45
45-23-15 41-35-35-43 34-15-15-14 24-45
45-23-15 53-24-44-15 31-34-35-53 24-45
45-23-15 31-24-34-14 44-23-35-53 24-45

So again Agatha is left with another riddle and the hope that the restoration of the golden heart has woken the Princess Marjorie in time!

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  1. Lesley Latimer says:

    The rich want it, the poor need it, the wise know it, the kind show it? Agatha, what is it??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lesley Latimer says:

      Always, Love

      Liked by 1 person

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