More letters, more puzzles!

Once again our mailbox has recieved mysterious letters from Knights and Trolls! A new letter from Sir Homer D’omer, containing another pouch and a second necklace. This necklace has been passed down from through generation of Knights and Sir Homer knows she is up to the task of protecting it!


Using the Templar Cipher, we discover this one says “Always”
Sir Homer also helped us with the answers to Smaul the Troll’s riddle in the previous letter, which Agatha was clever enough to solve on her own! Like the other letters we were again left with a mysterious note that Sir Homer’s Great-Grandfather found in an old book.

A week later and another letter! This one from Smaul and he’s been spending time in the library with Mrs. Macbeth (the librarian) and he’s come across a story that sounds very familiar. A witch breaks a golden heart in two and tells the Queen to give one to the Knight who loves the princess and the other to a Dragon who lives up the mountain and as long as the pices are kept apart the princess will stay asleep.

At this point Agatha runs grabs her necklaces and exclaims “It’s the heart!” but excitement gives way to heartbreak, “But, there’s a piece still missing. I wonder where it is?”

Smaul also sends more riddles and asks Agatha to write back! As we’re reading another note falls out of the envelope, more mystery!

This one is from Eager the Ogre himself, Eager has been the one who has been sending the letters on behalf of Smaul and Sir D’Omer. Eager mentions how Smaul has been bugging him about ciphers and how that’s not his department, but he’s used one of his contacts in the Department of  Top Secret information to get a few pages of a secret document for us.

This document outlines the use of different ciphers and provides all the clues Agatha needs to translate the letter from Sir Homer D’Omer’s previous letter!


She comes to the conclusion that is written in a substitution cipher that just so happens to match the example in the secret document. How convenient!


She spends the next hour translating and gets this message:

What Little it takes for a heart to break
What effort for it to mend?

Three pieces of gold united again
Time, the truth and the tenderness of friends.

Queen Lenore
In the year 1336
I am so sorry
I hope you can undo
what I cannot

Again squeals! “I knew it! I knew there was another piece!”

This is becoming quite the adventure.

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