Pride and Accomplishment


The past week’s brought so much to us! We weren’t sure what to expect when we stopped using our second vehicle, but we wanted to try.

We’ve now walked or biked to almost everything this week. I did use the other van to run to Costco when we had unexpected, but very welcome, company, and Ryan uses it to get to work. Otherwise we’ve left ourselves to the mercy of the weather everywhere we’ve been.

It’s been amazing! I know it’s only been a short time, but we’ve put more thought into our outings because of the effort involved. We’ve also used them as a way to connect with our children while we go about our day.

And we discovered Agatha needed a new bike. Poor girl. Turns out we live downhill from everything in our town. Hahahaha Coming home is nice and easy, but leaving home always requires a bit more effort. Agatha’s back tire was a little wobbly, the bike was a little short, and there were no gears. That ride uphill was a lot of work for her!

I hopped onto kijiji and found a nice bike for a good price, and even better it was just around the corner (and up a steep hill lol). I rode my bike, Agatha used a scooter and together we went to check out the bike. On the way home, she rode the bike, I carried the scooter in a backpack, and she fell in love with gears. 🙂

Today she practiced riding her new bike around our neighbourhood, tomorrow we’ll take it out for a longer ride to see how she does.

While she was checking out her new bike, Cordelia decided  learn how to ride a bike. So she did.

The first time she tried, she fell after about half a meter. She looked back at me with a look of such discouragement on her face. I knew the wrong response would end her efforts immediately.

I looked at her, beamed, and said, “That was awesome! Look how much farther you went today compared to any other day. All by yourself!” Then I high fived her. She beamed the biggest smile and demanded I help her do it again. And again!

We moved to the top of a small hill, I steadied the bike, let her get her feet ready, then gave her a little push and let go. She peddled and made it to the bottom of the hill. We all cheered her on, including random people out for a walk. High fives all around. Within a couple minutes she was off down the path, wings spread wide. Ready to soar!

There is nothing more amazing than a smile of pure pride on the face of a child after accomplishing a huge task like that!

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