Hello August!

How time flies, July is almost over. For me it’s pretty much done, I work the next couple nights so I won’t even be able to enjoy the last few days of the month. That only leaves August for our summer and we’re definitely taking advantage of it!

Coming off of two vacations only spaced out by work I’m looking forward to some time off. I have a large vacation scheduled in August and while it’s a long time off it’s going to be quite busy!
We have two birthdays to celebrate! Agatha will be turning 8 and Brom will be turning 3 (or 5 if you ask him). Parties are always a all in affair at our house, so expect to see some really cool themed party reports next month.

Speaking of Agatha, she’s received two more mysterious letters while we were on vacation. One more from Sir Homer D’omer and one from Eager the Ogre and Smaul, both filled with new puzzles and riddles. I’m excited to see how this journey to wake the princess ends!

We’re going to be taking a day trip down to our Provincial Dinosaur Museum, a fantastic day of exhibits and nice hike that we really enjoy.

Ella’s bedroom will most likely begin being renovated. As soon as we sFfltcx2ell her bedroom set I’ll be tearing out all her carpet and rebuilding her closet into a built in bed. She’s excited to have more
crafting space and a work desk. While it’s not a large room I’ve haven’t built a bed frame in the style she wants before so I’m excited to experiment and see how it turns out.

powerI’ll be writing the second paper in my Power Engineering 3rd class. Not terribly excited to do this, but it’s a necessary evil. 150+ multiple choice questions based on content from a very large text book. I keep reminding myself when this test is over I’m half done and that much closer to not having to stress about studying.

Now on to the two things I’m really looking forward to for me:
World of Warcraft: Legion launches end of August. During the month there are going to be all kinds of fun launch events: Demon Invasions in some of the older unvisited zones , fun mini games where you can be corrupted and cause trouble in the major cities, and more! I’m also looking forward to sitting down and relearning my characters and with the new content a lot of their abilities have changed. Agatha is also excited for this as she spent her allowance to pre-order and gets to create a Demon Hunter (a brand new class) early before everyone else!
One Night in Karazhan: A Hearthstone Adventure is also going to be released! Just announced yesterday and coming August 11th. Hearthstone is one of my favourite games to kill time and the adventures are probably my favourite part of the game! So a new adventure just in time for me to be home to enjoy it? Yes, please!

These are just some of the things happening this August for us and we’re excited and looking forward to all the #unforgettable that is about to happen!

Please share what has you excited for August this year, we’d love to hear from you!

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