Change and Mindset


There’s a difference between wanting to make a change in your life and thinking you should make a change in life. In the first instance you want to make a change, in the second an external force encourages change.

When an external force wants you to change, it’s a lot harder. Sometimes you dig your heels in, refusing to let change happen. Sometimes you sabotage yourself. Maybe you talk about needing to change, but you don’t act on those words. Either way, the result is the same, you don’t change. Not really. Certainly some people may change for a while, but often end up back where they started.

When the desire to change comes from within, when you have your eye on a goal you can clearly see, when that goal excites you, then change happens easier than ever!

We recently read “The Secret Garden” as a family. In the book Mary Lennox’s cousin, Colin, can’t walk. He’s spent his entire life in bed, or on a couch. Sitting up was a good day for him. But one day he decided to change. He decided he was strong, and would live forever! He didn’t sit and wait for strength to come to him. He knew he already had the strength, he just had to find it.

The first day he made his decision to no longer be an ‘invalid’, he stood up. At ten years old he decided to be strong and healthy and stood up for the first time in his life. Previously, he’d believed it was impossible. He believed he could die at any moment. But after he put his mind to changing his destiny, things happened quickly.

In our life I see the same magic working on us all the time. When either Ryan or I talk about what we should or shouldn’t do, we often ignore the decision after a week or two (sometimes longer, often shorter). But when we make a decision to change our reality, things happen quickly.

We’ve made a decision to change our home life, to change the way we approach opportunities. We decided to bring magic, a deeper faith, and #unforgettable into our daily lives.

Some things change quickly, but others are more difficult. In some ways we’ve lacked a clear vision of what we want our life to look like, we flounder and falter because we don’t have that clear idea in our mind. Sometimes fear of failure hold us back.

Our vision for increased financial security and a more active lifestyle has been easier to visualize and make a reality.

We knew we wanted extra money each month for savings, to pay down debt, to spend when we see something we think would be awesome. But we also decided we wanted Ryan home more often, which cut our monthly income by almost 60%. Yikes!

How could we make both of these things a reality?

We currently have two vehicles. We own one (and will make the last payment on it very shortly), the other owns us. We decided to sell the vehicle and drop down to one vehicle instead.

It’ll mean some big changes for us, but it’ll free up so much cash! For the first time ever our monthly expenses will be less than our base income. This is HUGE!

But this change also works with my wanting to walk more and be in better shape. Yesterday I dug out the bikes, hooked the chariot behind Ryan’s bike (my bike isn’t capable of pulling a trailer), loaded Cordelia and Brom into the chariot along with tons of water, a mini picnic, cell phone, library cards, camera, and a couple toys (just in case). Ella and Agatha rode along behind me and together we all rode to the library, just over 6KM away, uphill almost the entire way!

I forgot to time us, but going home, down hill, took us only about 25 minutes! Dropping down to one vehicle will change a few things for us. We’ll need to utilize the bus a few times a month in the winter. We’ll also change where the girls do some of their classes. Instead of driving to Edmonton to take gymnastics, we’ll go to a closer gym.

Instead of shopping at Costco and the specialty pet food store we used to shop at, we’ll buy all our groceries and pet supplies at the stores closest to us, and walk or bike when we go shopping. It also means we’re less likely to ‘just run out for a minute’ to buy something we would like. Instead we’ll actually think about how important something is to us.

We’ve weighed the pros and cons of owning a single vehicle. There are a few things I worry about, but I think the pros out weigh the cons by far and once we get a new rhythm in our life I’m sure we’ll hardly miss the second vehicle.

These are only the first of many changes we’re making to improve the way we feel about ourselves and our life, and I’m so excited to embrace this change!

I am strong! I can bike across town pulling 100lbs of children and stuff behind me. I didn’t wait to try until I convinced myself I was strong. Instead I just did it. I hopped on the bike and rode. We stopped several times to take a break in the shade. We drank water. We rested. Then we rode some more. I could use the rest breaks to ‘prove’ I can’t do it. Or I can look at the total outcome as proof that I can do it.

Positive thinking says I’ve already done it once. Next time will be easier!

Have you ever made a big change like this? What was it? How’d it go? I’d love to hear of your successes as well as lessons learned!


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  1. youmeanme says:

    I feel so inspired reading this! I also love the Secret Garden, I was more like Mary. Trying to be kinder and more patient :).
    My big change recently was letting go of consumer debt. It took a lot of experimenting to figure out tricks that worked for me.
    I think your life philosophy helps set you up for success. I found envisioning a realistic goal helped me.


    1. ❤ Thank you so much!

      Consumer debt is a huge thing to get rid of. Way to go! 🙂 Reading your blog and others like it has really inspired us to make debt free living a priority.

      We have huge piles of debt and we really want them gone. But we're getting there. A year ago we had almost double what we have now. And with these recent changes we'll put a huge dent into the rest of ours.

      Liked by 1 person

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