Stepping Toward Unforgettable


Yesterday, Ella woke up and wanted to make a souffle.

I didn’t have milk.

We needed to be out the door by 10:30.

Normally I’d tell her no. Normally I’d give her a list of all the reasons why cooking wasn’t happening. Instead I took a moment to think about making every day unforgettable. Then I suggested there was probably a different recipe she’d like that didn’t need milk. Together we decided on cream puffs (with whipped cream filling and chocolate sauce drizzled over top).



Ella did all the work, I only helped clean up as she worked to speed things along. The puffs were done cooking and everyone was ready to go in record time.

The morning was spent with a few different activities: a bouncy castle, a seed planting station, magnaforms and moon sand. But mostly they played at the playground and splash park. I caught a couple pokemon, and logged a few KM. I also pushed Brom on the swing for a ridiculous length of time because he still loves it better than everything else at the park.

The girls wanted to head to the library when we were done at the park. Again, normally I’d say no. One activity, especially a big activity, was more than enough for one day. But I stopped and really checked in with myself.

There was no reason to say no. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Together we walked to the library.

During the summer the library hosts a reading challenge that encourages children to read more. On each visit the children can roll dice to move their character around a game board. On each space is a riddle, or a piece of information about a topic. The children are then tasked with reading a book about the topic. Every few visits they pass a special square where they get a prize. Yesterday, all three girls got a prize and they were thrilled!


Normally I’d then tell everyone it was time to go home, and I’d skip anything else we had planned for the rest of the day. Instead I stopped at the grocery store. We ran inside and picked up a couple staples and some ice cream.


At home, Ella made her chocolate sauce. I whipped the newly purchased cream. And everyone ate ice cream followed by cream puffs for supper. (We had steak and grilled peaches for dessert).

But our day wasn’t over yet. There was a pond dipping activity the next community over. We grabbed helmets for the girls, buckled Brom into the Chariot, and off we went.

I didn’t really expect much, so was very surprised to arrive and see another bouncy castle as well as half a dozen activity stations around the pond.

They got to fish (wooden fish with metal washers and magnets on a string) and they learned about water run-off and how whatever we put in our yard goes into the storm water drains (that aren’t treated) and right into our lakes and rivers. There as also a mini geocaching activity that Ryan helped the big girls with while I stayed with Brom while he did ‘science’. They all came over for a while, but Brom really didn’t want to leave he was having so much fun!

Eventually Brom did agree to check out the pond dipping with his girls. He thought the big spider was pretty cool. Luckily he didn’t want to take it home with him. hahahaha

Our day was so full and happy. So many times I could have said no, but so many times I chose to say yes instead. Turning our life into #unforgettable isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it!

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  1. youmeanme says:

    That sounds like a wonderful day! M working in being a “yes and” person at work since I began finding myself saying no too often.
    Those puffs look wonderful!


    1. 🙂 thank you! They tasted wonderful. She’s really becoming a wonderful chef.

      It can be tricky when life bogs you down and no becomes the standard response. I’ve found it so uplifting since we’ve made more of a point of saying yes. Have you noticed a difference?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. youmeanme says:

        I have! I’ve now realized that shutting down an idea feels uncomfortable 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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