Crypt Lake Hike

After our camping trip, We drove to Pincher Creek to visit some friends. We spent the first day at a little creek playing in the water. The kiddos had so much fun and more than anything wished we had crystal clear water like that near our place. The water near us is pretty yucky.

I didn’t expect water this clear. So when our friends told us we were going to a creek I didn’t come prepared with swim suits for anyone. The girls were particularly upset about that, Brom just went skinny dipping. Haha

After everyone played in the water for a bit we went back to visit at our friends for a while, then off to bed early because the next day we had a big hike planned.

Crypt Lake is an amazing cold, clear lake most of the way up a mountain with the US-Canada Boarder running right through the middle. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I was so excited about this hike! But also a little nervous. If you look it up, you’ll
discover there’s a couple tricky parts of the hike. First, there’s a time limit. You need to take a short ferry ride to get to the base of the hike. The last Ferry runs at about 5PM (give or take, I’m not accurate tonight!) but the next to last one’s at 4:30. It’s a solid 1.5 hr wait if you miss the 4:30. There’s nothing at the base of the hike, except water, trees, rocks, and dirt.

We didn’t want to miss that boat!

Besides the time limit there’s also one part where you need to climb a small ladder from one ledge into a cave. Crawl/walk hunched over through he cave, then walk along a cliff with a steel cable for support. I don’t think any of us were really worried about the ladder or cable, but I also don’t think any of us were totally sure of it either.

The day started well enough, but about five minutes in my lungs were sore and my legs protested. I began to worry just a little that I wasn’t in good enough shape to make the hike. I contemplated not making it all the way to the top. I wasn’t going to quit! I kept hiking right along with the rest of our group. It didn’t take long before i was ready to take off a layer. A brief pause and we were on our way again.

There are no words to describe the majesty of the mountains and waterfalls. Every where we looked we saw evidence of the glaciers that used to grace these mountains. Now we see lakes with no inlet and no where to go either. We see water trickling over, under, around, through stones and trees, polishing the surfaces until hey shine.

We’d only been hiking for a short time when we noticed something rustling in the leaves ahead of us. We were making enough noise, as were the people both ahead and behind us, but there also weren’t too many options for an animal to get away from us where we were. I may have been slightly afraid we’d find ourselves face to face with a bear! Luckily it was this pretty thing instead!


She was only about ten feet away from us (good thing she wasn’t a bear!!) When we came into he clearing, she moved behind us and bounded off into the trees.

After stopping for water a couple times, and a snack once, we finally made it all the ay around to the tricky part of the hike.

The ladder was barely wider than a foot, but going up was pretty easy. Going back down again later was trickier, but still doable without any real problem. The cave was fun, but  short and narrow. Pretty much everyone hit their head at least once. hahaha

I was really nervous about the cable before the hike, but it really wasn’t that bad, until we were heading back down again and people were going up at the same time. We did hold the cable pretty much the entire time we were on that portion of the hike, but there was still  far amount of room on the path.

The lake was gorgeous. Cold. But gorgeous. We enjoyed nice picnic lunch, a couple of the guys went for a swim, then we went back down. Ryan regrets not taking a dip in the glacial lake. I guess we’ll just have to do it again sometime. 😉


The hike down was easier than the hike up, but one of our companions hurt her knee so we took more time to be sure she didn’t really hurt herself. (Plus we were tired lol).


For anyone wondering: You don’t need any special equipment. A good pair of shoes/boots with good grips, a back pack and at least 2L of water per person, some food since it’s a 6(ish) hour day, and appropriate clothing (assume rain gear is always appropriate). I also recommend a good first aid kit with ace bandages.


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  1. Lesley Latimer says:

    Looks awesome!


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