Interlake Hike

Rain. Rain. And more rain, made our camping trip less than ideal, but it didn’t stop us! Below you’ll see a picture of Agatha keeping Cordelia nice and dry under the brim of her hat. ❤ she’s so sweet!


We stopped at the information centre, where they warned us about unsupervised children. Ella was very disappointed to discover they were bluffing. Hahahahaha Our instagram has a few other pictures from the info centre if you want to check them out.

We then went on an amazing hike on the interlake trails. We thought we were taking a 1-3 Km hike, but it turned into closer to 8km. opps. But everyone had fun and we saw some amazing sites! My fitbit told me I’d hiked the equivalent of 73 flights of stairs that day. (And promptly broke at the end of the hike).

It was so much fun to watch our kiddos run wild on a mountain, making as much noise as possible! So often we tell them to keep their voices down, to be quiet, to not disturb others, but on a mountain full of bears? Make all the noise! We didn’t see nay bears on our hike, but we did see fresh scat (bear poop), and when we left the park a couple days later we saw a small black bear cross the highway.

The only wildlife we saw on this hike were chipmunks. Still pretty cool when the only wildlife you see at home are hares.

By the end of this day our family was in love with the mountains and wanted to stay forever.

The next day we drove to Canmore to visit friends of ours, and that pretty much sealed the deal. They never wanted to leave. And neither did I. It was so amazing to see our friends again after way too long!

After the third night we woke up bright and early, packed the camp up and drove to Pincher Creek to visit other friends. I’ll share that in a separate post because the pictures are amazing!





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