Camping Adventure


There’s nothing more wonderful than connecting with your family while also connecting with nature. Unless that connection also involves a little bit of adventure!

Last week we spent a few days in the mountains experiencing all kinds of adventure!

While we packed,  Ray Stevens’ song, “The Camping Trip” flitted through my head over and over again.

There was no way I was dealing with pit toilets while camping with a toddler. It took forever to find a campground that had flush toilets, treed sites, and availability. But I finally found the perfect campground: Elkwood in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

For the first time in 5 years our family was going camping!


We had so much fun!

The campsite was gorgeous and it only took about an hour to fully set up camp.

We were able to make supper and head over to the amphitheatre to watch Phantom Chiroptera! (A one woman play about bats.)

Our time spent camping opened our eyes to many things. Mostly it showed Ryan and I how much our children need free time to play in the woods. Time to stretch themselves beyond where the are now. Time for us to give them the freedom to make mistakes without us seeing the mistakes.

They ran through the trees and climbed over mountain rocks. They found bear scat in the wild, and imagined fairies living in every clearing. We sang songs and played games and heard an echo so clear you’d think another person really was yelling back to us.


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