A Mysterious Letter Part 2: Smaul

We’ve been away camping in the Rocky Mountains for a couple days and we’ll be sharing pictures and stories from that soon, but when we got home and looked in the mailbox Agatha had another letter from the International HeadquarSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESters of Information!

This time the letter came with a small pouch, an excerpt from Ye Olde Dunderhead’s Guide to Rousing a Sleeping Princess, three Troll riddles, and letter. Not from Homer D’omer, but from Smaul the Troll.

He lives under the bridge to the sleeping Princess Marjorie’s castle and would like her saved so that he can continue to scare travelers that cross his bridge! He met Mrs. Beth Macbeth the librarian and she helped him write a letter to his cousin Eager the Ogre who once again passed the quest on to Agatha, our worthy Knight in training!

Remember that puzzle from the last letter? Agatha and SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI struggled to solve it. Lo and behold in the pages of Ye Olde Dunderhead’s Guide to Rousing a Sleeping Princess was the key!
The Templar Cipher! Of course! Why didn’t we think of that sooner? A little scribbling and Agatha has a new riddle to solve! She looks back to the necklace and squeals out “It’s the same letters!” More furious scribbling and all she is left with is “The Answer”

The Answer

A new set of characters, more mysteries, and much more excitment to come!

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