More Playgrounds!


What to do on a Tuesday morning? Go playground hopping! We packed a picnic, packed the van and head out to Beaumont to find some adventure!


The adventure began with using an audio GPS for the first time, Sarah didn’t warn me the she was turning it on. I jumped when all of a sudden the radio cut out and “In 10 kilometers turn right on highway 625. Beep Boop.” I had a good laugh at the 10km warning, but believe it or not the gps managed to get us where we were going. The kids were not impressed as every time it told me where to turn it shut the sound off on their movie for a moment.

Our first stop was Bellevue Park, a nice grouping of playground up on top of large hill, it gave us quite the view of the town below!

Lots of monkey bars and climbing, big slides and a castle facade on the first part of the playground kept everyone climbing!

Then the pirate ship area kept Brom running to and fro yelling “To the ship! Protect the ship!”

Ella found sound awesome multilingual signs and a solar system. Brom loved that the pirate ship had it’s own treasure map.

Finally some nice saucer swings and a cool climbing structure!

Honestly, if we weren’t heading down to my Auntie’s place for bathroom breaks and picnic lunch they probably would never have left!

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  1. Lesley Latimer says:

    Come back again!


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