Every once and a while it’s important to step back and refocus. I feel I am need of a serious refocus right now, I’ve had low energy and low patience and it’s been affecting life at home negatively. Our goal is #unforgettable everyday and I haven’t been building towards that.

When Ella was two she had a pair of blue shoes that were covered in sparkles and where ever she went the sparkles fell off and she left a trail of glitter behind. When she realized this she proudly told me “Daddy, the world is sparkly’er b86435b8e97008464f183126072bd76ewith me in it!” I just smiled and realized yes the world is sparkly’er with my children. Yesterday, at Canada day, Ella was covered in golden sparkles and we reminded of her of that story. So we decided that needs to be a new motto for our family “The world is sparkly’er with us in it!”

Combining our new motto with my refocus and my upcoming vacation from work starting Monday I think things are only going to get better from here on. Part of my refocus is to listen to my own advice and say “Yes” more often. Let my children be able to have the experiences they want. We are going to be busier, Sarah told me today that she does better when we are busy and have a plan for the day, while I am the exact opposite I feel I am strong enough to support and push my anxieties behind me. I’m going to focus on my health, starting with exercise and more sleep. No more video games until 1 in the morning and trying to exercise more.

I have a plan, I feel sparkly and I’m ready for #unforgettable.

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  1. youmeanme says:

    Love this! My world is definitely sparkly’er with your blog in it. Hope you guys had an awesome Canada Day!

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    1. ❤ Thanks so much for such a sweet message!

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