Agatha’s First Post

Today I was at my auntie’s house, we were pretending to be lions! I’m not sure what I think about being lions and zebra’s, I was a zebra. You get tackled, other than that, it was fun! The cake was mostly whipped creammmmmmmmm Yummmmmmmm! And it had strawberries on top. The cupcakes, there were white ones and red ones. The red ones had corn in them. They tasted the same though. They were very buttery. And by their place, there’s a fun playground, but we didn’t go today.

Our lion den was upstairs. My cousin had boxes for her den, and we used the couch for where we pretended to sleep. I added an extra area to the couch because sometimes it can be smaller, (she pulled out the hyde-a-bed). If I was allowed, I would try to see how it was built. I like robots, and mechanics and stuff like that.

Today, I was starting to work on a project. I’m making a book ramp, that’ll allow a car to go down, and launch a rocket that’ll take off and land on pillows. I’m using to help me learn how to do these things. You can learn a whole bunch of things there. One of them is even about minecraft!

You have to do some stuff before you can go onto the next stuff. And you have to post and describe what you did.

My plan is to have my car go down the ramp, and launch the rocket, up, up, up until it goes down, down, down to the pillows. I love it! I get to build it myself!

And we have Moss robotics. They’re little blocks that you connect together to make robots. We’re still figuring it out.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES I made this one robot that just goes forward. I can’t control it, but I made it move!

If I make the wheels go in different directions, it just spins. I did that once. hahaha

I’m interested in robots, like I said, so I’m trying to find things to do robots and coding. We also have sphero. It’s a robot you control with your iPad. You can also get one that looks like BB-8 (the robot from Star Wars). I really want that one, but I have to save up more first.

This is written by Agatha, but my Mommy’s typing this for me. I’m saying what to write. I also like singing. There’s one song I like by Ruth B, it’s called Lost Boy. Ruth B’s from Edmonton, that’s close to me!

I can sing it, well, mostly. I can sing the beginning. I’m practicing learning how to sing it.

Bye! We’ll post again tomorrow!


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  1. danielfrings says:

    What a great robot! Zebra sound fun as well 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment! (She has a very large, proud smile)

      Liked by 1 person

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