Canada Day

Canada’s 149 this year. Pretty cool.

Our day started by making a picnic and hauling the kiddos to watch the parade. We made it an hour into the parade when they asked if we could go. Let’s just say this parade was not a Disney parade. 😉

We had so much fun the rest of the day though. I didn’t have time to take enough pictures, but here’s a few of the activities we had fun with today.

Bouncy castles, bouncy obstacle courses, hair painting, airbrush tattoos, and pin making, Oh My! Doesn’t Brom look so proud of his tattoo? I love this guy so much!

Sometimes maple syrup gets the best of you. hahaha Oh how we giggled! I love this girl so much!

I think Cordelia’s ready to take that snake home with her! Poor Agatha. She was so heart broken for the bunny. There was no one around and she felt certain the children were being too rough with it. She pleaded with me to rescue it, “It’s scared Mommy. It needs a quiet space!” It was all I could do to get her away from the animals today. She has such a big heart, so full of love, and compassion for others. It’s no wonder I love her so much!

This funky teeter-totter is hooked up to a pneumatic system that powered a little button operated band. Cordelia had so much fun! The joy on her face all day was so intense. As she wrapped her arms around me to give me one more hug, she’d say, “I love you, Mommy.” And look up at me with that giant smile on her face. I can’t help but love that girl! She’s so vibrant in everything she does.

We spent the majority of the day in the sun playing and having fun. But by 5 it was time to head home. Around 9 I asked the girls if they wanted to go back to watch the fireworks. Agatha excitedly shouted yes. Brom excitedly shouted yes! Ella said she’d rather go to bed. Brom said he’d rather go to bed. Cordelia said she wanted to bring her bed with her. Brom said he wanted to bring his bed with him. We decided to read stories and watch the fireworks from home. They fell asleep 20 minutes before the fireworks started.

With a full heart I wish you a Happy Canada Day!



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